The Mountain Messenger

Graboids Menace Lassen County


HERLONG - Lassen County is a quiet, peaceful place, home to one of the lowest county populations in California. However, its sandy plains are now terrorized by the screams of longtime Lassen locals, as the county has found itself under siege by a ravenous population of 30-foot long carnivorous earthworms seeking human flesh.

Carnilumbricius magnus, AKA the Graboid, is a cryptid species of much regional fame and fear, though other populations have been discovered in various regions worldwide. These carnivorous worms can grow up to ten yards in length and weigh over one and a half tons, and are capable of burrowing through alluvial sand and silt soils at speeds of over 20 miles per hour. Graboids are blind animals relying on sound to sense their prey and obstacles in their path; upon cornering or trapping their prey, they will consume them by ensnaring them with their three snakelike tongues, each of which has a paralytic bite.

Graboids were first discovered in 1990 by two handyme...