The Mountain Messenger

Be Encouraged!


Months ago, when a subscriber called the Mountain Messenger office, she mentioned to Ryan that she missed my faith-based “Be Encouraged” column, last published roughly six years ago under my previous name, Collier. I was surprised someone even remembered. Editor Don Russell was the first to put my thoughts to print, running the column between 2014 and 2018. His edits once spared me the humiliation of incorrectly referencing the “10 Commandments” as “12”. Don caught the daft error – born from a deficient memory to anything number-related.

For what I did openly share in those four years about my faith, life, family, and experiences in the 100-plus columns written, I was humbled that many locals vocalized their receptiveness and appreciation for my forthright reflections. I still have a card from Judge Pangman’s wife that she mailed with kind sentiments after reading one particular Be Encouraged column. Readers understood that the lens through which I view the world as it relates to my fai...