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The Population of Sierra County In 1910


Even to the casual visitor to Sierra County, it is obvious that the population of the area was much larger in the past than now, as one sees a number of deserted communities and other communities which still exist but which have shrunk in extent and population. Actually, in the twelve decades since the first census of the area (1852), Sierra County’s population has declined in six decades and has risen in the other six. The decreases, however, have tended to be larger than the increases, as is shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Sierra County Population Changes, 1852 - 1970

Year Population Change Since Previous Census

Change Since Previous Census

*1852 State Census as given in Federal Report; population was given as 4,855 in the State Report.

Table 1 gives population changes for Sierra County as...

Southwest Sierra Then & Now - #10

Students pictured outside the Pike City Schoolhouse in the 1930s, left to right, Harvey Mohler, Ruth Chatfield, Jim, Carl Chatfield, Helen, Bob Nordyke, and Merle Nordyke, teacher.

ALLEGHANY ~ Sunday May 21, 2023 - The window screens have been installed for the summer. Warm weather prevails. Yesterday we went to the Plant Sale at the Nugget Market in Camptonville. We drove back via Pike City Road, so named in Camptonville. From the Pike City side, it is referred to as “Camptonville Road”. Saturday is not the best day to drive this road though, we met no less than 20 dirt bikes heading in the opposite direction. They did a good job avoiding us, but it was a little nerve racking, especially on the gravelly blind curves.

Last Friday, the 15th, we attended the retirement party for Camptonville Fire Chief Brandi Dudek. The potluck was hosted by the Camptonville Fire Dept. Auxiliary and was held at the Camptonville Community Center. Beautiful fresh cut flower bouquets adorned the tables. Many ...

At the Firehouse

ALLEGHANY: May 15th - Firefighters trained. May 21st - USFS Basic 23 training at Celestial Valley.

DOWNIEVILLE: May 17th - Responded to WSMC for an ill person who was transported to SNMH; Board of Commissioners meeting; Fire Association meeting. May 18th - Firefighters trained at Station #1. May 20th - Firefighter and EMS appreciation B-B-Q. May 21st - Responded for a Medical Urgent Care incident; Responded for a smoke check.

LOYALTON: May 19th- 5:20 p.m., fall with unknown injuries, May 20th - 8:10AM, heart problems and type 1 diabetes,

PIKE CITY: May 15th - Firefighters trained. May 17th - Responded for a public assist. May 19th - Mutual aid response to North San Juan for a brush fire - cancelled. May 21st - USFS Basic 32 training at Celestial Valley.

SIERRA CITY: All's quiet.... No training, no meetings, & no emergencies.....

SIERRA COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT #1 (CALPINE, SATTLEY, and SIERRAVILLE): May 18th - Firefighters trained in Sierraville.

Sheriff's Blotter

Monday, May 15

06:59 - There was a report of a prescribed burn in Verdi near Dog Valley.

08:35 - Citizen assistance was needed in Downieville.

09:43 - There was a report of a possible plane crash seven miles from Truckee.

15:18 - An accidental 911 call was placed from somewhere on HWY 395.

15:35 - In Calpine, a local business informed the Sheriff’s Office of their opening.

20:13 - Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was needed on Third Street in Loyalton.

Tuesday, May 16

08:05 - Someone was driving like a bat out of hell in Loyalton.

09:27 - The Loyalton Elementary School has an intruder drill.

11:27 - Medical assistance was needed on Hill Street in Loyalton.

12:13 - There was a juvenile issue in Loyalton.

13:02 - A welfare check took place in Calpine.

13:10 - On East Willow in Sierraville, there was a probation search. Time unknown - A prisoner was transported to Nevada City.

14:28 - A welfare check took place on East Willow in Sierraville.

18:01 - A dog was acting aggressively at the tennis court ...

Here Back East

Camp Opening

Mid-May is the customary camp opening target date. The usual tasks include emptying out the storage garage of porch furniture and the assortment of watercrafts: a 1950’s motorboat, a Grand canoe, oars and kayaks. The main cabin needs cleaning from the family of mice who live there rent free over the winter. The kerosene heater needs finetuning. The water pump needs priming. One special job this season was the completion of the bookshelves in my recently constructed office cabin overlooking the lake.

Over the winter Greg –my regular handyman and fishing buddy --and his partner Jimmy built wall-to-wall bookshelves out of cedar, filling two full walls, floor to ceiling. I had shipped up around 1,000 books from the Florida and East Hampton houses, and my trusty assistant Ali spent a weekend sorting all the books by author and subject matter. Sometimes I refer to this new space as my studio, where I have my office and my watercolor painting supplies and easel. It will also have a...