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The Plight of the Problem Bear

DOWNIEVILLE — In the aftermath of one black bear’s massive destruction to multiple private properties, which led to its entrapment and euthanization on Pearl Street on Saturday, September 9th, reports began to surface of another bear entering homes. Resident Paul Douville got off easy with his intruder as it entered his house through the screen of an open kitchen window. Aside from a trash can knocked over, hardly any damage was done, nor did the bear relieve himself in Paul’s kitchen. Upon hearing Douville’s approach, the bear quickly departed the same way he arrived. It was such a “non-event” in Douville’s book that he wasn’t even going to report it until others prompted him. The Sierra County Sheriff’s Office was contacted, and a game warden paid Douville a visit. Without any destruction caused, the investigation warranted no further action, and all’s well that ends well.

Other locals have not been so lucky as Paul, yet many are still struggling to swallow the bitter news of a bear b...

SCHS Tours Barns

NorthBarn.jpegSCHS members enter the north barn of Lemon Canyon RanchThis past Sunday, September 24, the Sierra County Historical Society (SCHS) held its annual picnic at the Lemon Canyon Ranch. This ~1,455-acre property of forest and rangeland, located in the southeast corner of the Sierra Valley, is a certified organic cattle ranch. It is now secured for future generations by a conservation easement ensuring the continuation of ranching and forestry operations, enhancement of riparian and wet meadow habitats, and maintenance of critical wildlife migration corridors between upland forests and valley meadows.

Prior to their lunch, members of the SCHS gathered at the two large barns built in the 1870s by the original owners for the storage of unbaled hay and shelter for cows and oxen. There, Bill Copren, a lifelong resident of the area and local historian who served as the Sierra County Assessor for decades, spoke about the tools and methods used to harvest and store hay. He also provided an impressiv...

Downieville School Receives High Marks

On Tuesday night, Downieville School held its first School Site Council (SSC) meeting of the year. The Council is a committee of teachers, parents, staff, and community members that works with the school principal to plan for the school’s needs. Its job is to look at student data and school information, identify needs and areas of improvement, and help in the creation of the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), which is the school’s blueprint for actions that will be carried out to improve school and student achievement. The SSC must also monitor the use of school district funds to benefit students and provide input and oversight if something needs to change. Council members generally serve two-year terms, with half beginning in even years and half in odd. The staggered terms stabilize the Council, allowing new members to acclimate. The guidelines call for a minimum of ten members, half of which must include the principal and teachers.

In developing the SPSA, the Council utilizes...

Forest City AppleFest

On Sunday, October 15, Forest City Historical Association will be hosting the annual AppleFest in Forest City with the General Membership meeting at 10 a.m. Festivities begin at NOON. The "String-A- Longs" sponsored by the Sierra County Arts Council will bring our mountains alive with music. The Apple Dessert contest will be in full swing. Get out those favorite apple recipes. First, second and third prizes. Don't forget the homemade ice-cream that tops it all off.

The winners are chosen fairly and squarely by the vote of the people. Local artisans will be on hand with their lovely handmade crafts. The top prize for the raffle is a handmade quilt donated by Robi Holmen. There will be other raffle prizes, also. If you have a prize that you would like to donate to the raffle, please let me (Cheryl) know. Sadly, the Stamp Mill will not be running this year. It is in need of some young, strong, able bodies to put it back in running order. Again, if you are interested please call.

It's the ti...

2023 Big City Rod Run Winners!


Well, we pulled it off again and the weather was perfect! 51 registered cars lined up along HWY 49 in beautiful downtown Sierra City where a good time was had by all! Save the date for the show next year which falls on September 6-7, 2024. This however, will be my last car show so be sure to join us!

Again this year, our Tahoe National Forest Firefighters and friends attended the event and brought Smokey the bear along who awarded the “Smokey’s Choice” award to an unsuspecting 1947 Green Dodge Power Wagon owned by Orville & Stef Boger out of Nevada City.

The Meet and Greet was held at the Buttes Resort this year where we had another free taco bar which always proves to be a tasty treat! A special thank you to Rosa Nevarez and Mike Fogli for making this happen. It was a lot of fun for everyone that attended.

A special thanks goes out to all of the businesses and locals who sponsored an award this year and to all of those who attended and donated prizes to the cause. We couldn’t raise as mu...