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Board of Supervisors Meets


DOWNIEVILLE — In addition to the Community Center Remodel Project contract and letter sent by the Board concerning AT&T, items covered in separate articles this week, the supervisors heard several updates on the state of the county and its future.

Zoning Code and General Plan Update Moves Ahead

Planning Director Brandon Pangman brought a contract to the board that restarts the generation of the long-overdue Sierra County General Plan and Zoning Code updates. Work began years ago with the same contractor, Mintier Harnish, but was terminated before completion. The new contract will cost $143,970 and is one of two parts needed before the plans can be implemented. The first part consists of completing the already drafted general plan and zoning code, whereas the second will include administrative tasks and environmental review. Pangman believes that funds from affordable housing grants can be used towards this project.

Broadband Strategic Plan Updates

Shelley Westall, Principal Consultant for ...