The Mountain Messenger

Downieville School Year Starts Strong


First things first, thank you to the Mountain Messenger for allowing Downieville School to write an article! It is so exciting that the community will finally be able to keep up on what’s happening with its youngest members.

Faculty-wise, there are currently no new teachers or other staff, but some formerly retired teachers have been brought back to continue teaching, as their current positions have yet to be filled with new teachers.

There have been improvements happening school-wide that faculty members have been anticipating. One of the most exciting things is the PA system. This will allow Darcy to yell at people from her office instead of walking all the way down to their classrooms, but also allow us to make important announcements such as assembly notices or field trip permission slip deadlines.

This year, our annual Back to School Night was held on August 30th. The Student Council made and sold some delicious homemade mac & cheese.

There have been many field trips already planned f...