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Downieville United Brings Soccer Back to Town


IMG_6733.jpegCoach Tom Mooers with Downieville United membersThe most popular sport in the world is back in town. Each Thursday, dozens of players take to the verdant field of Downieville School to do what kids do all over the world: play soccer.

Downieville United Soccer Club is open to all students at the school, drawing enthusiastic players ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade. The club is new, but the tradition runs deep; relative old-timers tell tales of the traveling squad Downieville fielded that barnstormed throughout the Sierra in decades past. And even if the sport had all but disappeared from Downieville, the demand was there; more than half of the school’s students are participating in the revived squad.dvu2.jpeg

With new goals, thanks to a generous donation from the Sierra County Tobacco Use Reduction Program – and grass mowed meticulously by Downieville School’s Shawn Maple, the school’s green field provides a perfect pitch for the kids to pursue their sporting dreams.

Rani, a fourth-grader...