Sheriff's Blotter

September 14, 2023

Monday, September 4

10:34 - Parking issues in Loyalton.

10:50 - Property found on 3rd Divide in Downieville.

11:45 - Property lost near the river in Downieville.

11:53 - Report of a home broken into in Pike.

13:13 - Dog hit by vehicle in Sierra City.

14:05 - Parking problem in Downieville.

15:39 - Report of smoke near Downieville given to USFS.

17:52 - Directions to Downieville given to someone coming from Oakland.

18:30 - Motorcycle accident near Sattley.

19:00 - Internet theft reported in Downieville.

19:50 - Hit and run with property damage reported in Loyalton.

21:25 - Deputy made contact with suspicious people at a recently vacated house in Loyalton.

Tuesday, September 5

09:40 - Civil standby requested in Loyalton.

13:37 - Medical issue in Sierra City.

13:50 - Possible illegal camper in Goodyears Bar.

17:06 - Report of possible child abuse in Loyalton.

21:07 - Request for a property check in Loyalton.

21:46 - Dog on Highway 395, CHP notified.

Wednesday, September 6

00:16 - Request for an ambulance in Loyalton.

08:14 - Search warrant served out of county.

08:41 - Two dogs loose on the highway near Downieville were returned to their owners.

13:32 - Lost property somewhere between Downieville and Reno.

14:02 - Parking problem at the Downieville school.

15:10 - Possibly abandoned kittens in Alleghany.

17:39 - Deputy answered a Loyalton resident’s questions about a child custody dispute.

18:03 - Agency assist in Downieville.

23:17 - Request for an ambulance in Loyalton.

Thursday, September 7

06:07 - Suspicious activity at the Downieville ATM.

07:27 - Report of a suspicious person leaving a food basket at a business and standing across the street in Loyalton.

07:55 - Reckless driver on Highway 49 near Downieville.

10:10 - Inmate transported for a court appearance.

12:40 - Report of a drug sale by a now former employee at Leonards in Loyalton.

13:08 - Someone was obstructing work traffic and acting suspiciously in Loyalton.

15:47 - Request for citizen assist in Sierra City.

16:56 - Threatening reported in Loyalton.

17:38 - Request for an investigation to be opened in Pike.

18:19 - Request for extra patrol around a building in Downieville.

19:09 - A possible missing person contacted family before the deputy was able to respond.

19:47 - Fire on a private property in Sierraville was no longer burning when the deputy arrived.

Friday, September 8

10:07 - Request for civil service, but the subject had left Sierra County.

10:36 - Burglary alarm accidentally triggered in Loyalton.

15:33 - Information about a camper not returning to a campsite gathered by USFS.

18:50 - Possibly unregistered UTV in Downieville was on a trailer and heading out of town before the deputy arrived.

20:39 - Bear reportedly set off the Pearl Street trap but escaped. Fish and Wildlife was informed.

Saturday, September 9

00:39 - Highway Patrol handled a possible road rage incident near Loyalton.

11:52 - Report of kids being issued citations in Sierraville.

12:37 - Citation issued for a loaded shotgun or rifle in a vehicle on the highway near Sierra City.

12:39 - Accidental activation of a medical alert device in Loyalton.

13:15 - Lost dog found and returned to owner at Webber Lake.

13:40 - Handyman activated an alarm in Sierra City.

13:49 - Request for an ambulance was canceled in Loyalton.

15:58 - Dog collar transmitter was found and turned in to the Sheriff’s Office, later to be returned to its owner.

17:46 - Off-road vehicle accident near Verdi.

17:48 - Someone had too much to drink and passed out on River Street in Downieville.

17:59 - Request for an ambulance at Stampede Reservoir.

19:14 - Kids throwing rocks toward Durgan Bridge from the beach in Downieville hit a vehicle.

19:29 - Citation issued for an out-of-county warrant in Calpine.

Sunday, September 10

00:17 - Citation issued for a traffic violation on Highway 395.

09:33 - Motorcycle crash on Highway 49 near Indian Valley.

11:43 - Request for an ambulance in Sierra City.

14:59 - Bear issue in Sierra City.

15:39 - Theft of multiple items in Calpine reported.

17:09 - ID tag was found and turned in to the Sheriff’s Office.

17:15 - Vehicle roll-over on Highway 89 near Truckee.

17:57 - Reckless driver on Highway 49 near Sierra City. CHP notified.

19:19 - Request for an ambulance in Sierraville.

19:30 - Vehicle accident without injury near Calpine.

19:44 - A possible illegal campfire was reported near Downieville, which turned out to be in a designated fire ring.

19:59 - 911 hang-up with static on the line in Sierra City.

Total reported: 69

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