The Mountain Messenger

Sheriff's Blotter


Monday, March 6

07:26 - There was a request to get some supplies out to someone on Mountain House Road in Goodyears Bar.

08:19 - Someone requested a welfare check for an individual in Downieville off of Main Street.

09:24 - Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was needed on Roundup Drive in Loyalton.

10:49 - There was a confidential investigation.

11:28 - Someone accidentally dialed 911 from Beckwith Street in Loyalton.

12:25 - In Sierraville off of E. Willow, someone was cited for a misdemeanor warrant.

13:37 - There was a report of a damaged vehicle that might have been involved in a hit and run in Loyalton.

16:05 - There was a 911 hang up from Downieville.

16:59 - There was a piece of firewood in the middle of Lombardi Point in Loyalton.

18:49 - Multiple vehicles were preventing snow removal in the Downieville area.

Tuesday, March 7

07:31 - Loyalton Fire Department was called out for a roll over vehicle on HWY 49 at the Sierra Plumas county lines.

10:57 - On Mountain Quail Road in Calpine, an am...