Sheriff's Blotter

March 16, 2023

Monday, March 6

07:26 - There was a request to get some supplies out to someone on Mountain House Road in Goodyears Bar.

08:19 - Someone requested a welfare check for an individual in Downieville off of Main Street.

09:24 - Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was needed on Roundup Drive in Loyalton.

10:49 - There was a confidential investigation.

11:28 - Someone accidentally dialed 911 from Beckwith Street in Loyalton.

12:25 - In Sierraville off of E. Willow, someone was cited for a misdemeanor warrant.

13:37 - There was a report of a damaged vehicle that might have been involved in a hit and run in Loyalton.

16:05 - There was a 911 hang up from Downieville.

16:59 - There was a piece of firewood in the middle of Lombardi Point in Loyalton.

18:49 - Multiple vehicles were preventing snow removal in the Downieville area.

Tuesday, March 7

07:31 - Loyalton Fire Department was called out for a roll over vehicle on HWY 49 at the Sierra Plumas county lines.

10:57 - On Mountain Quail Road in Calpine, an ambulance was requested but the patient refused medical attention.

11:39 - There was a possible forgery that took place out of county at Wells Fargo Bank.

18:29 - There was a vehicle stuck in the snow on A23 in Plumas County. CHP was notified.

19:43 - A citizen requested assistance on Main Street in Downieville.

20:29 - There was a request from CHP to be on the lookout for a subject that left the scene of a vehicle accident in Plumas County. Neither the deputies nor CHP could find the subject.

21:08 - In Alleghany on Henness Pass Road, some threats were made. A deputy advised the reporting party.

Wednesday, March 8

07:11 - Someone was driving like a bat out of hell on HWY 49 between Sierraville and Sattley.

12:34 - Someone in Verdi placed an accidental 911 call.

13:56 - Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was summoned to Hill Street in Loyalton.

14:27 - There was a two vehicle collision on Front Street and Lewis Avenue in Loyalton.

16:29 - There was a report of a possible stalker.

16:43 - There was a request for an ambulance on Main Street in Sattley.

16:52 - Over in Goodyears Bar, there was a utility problem by the highway overpass.

18:28 - On Belle Street in Downieville, there was a request for a welfare check. Everyone was safe and sound.

Thursday, March 9

05:38 - There was a coroner’s case in Loyalton on Roundup Drive. Gregory Andal was unresponsive.

11:47 - There was a report of a propane leak in Pike City.

12:49 - Someone lost their cell phone in Downieville.

13:07 - There was a vehicle blocking snow removal equipment in Sierra City.

13:41 - Sierra County Fire Department was requested to assist with bringing a patient back home to Sattley.

14:50 - Someone was arrested on an outstanding Sierra County warrant.

16:14 - There was a juvenile issue.

18:48 - In Verdi on Sunrise Creek Road, a couple had an argument. A deputy spoke with the couple and they agreed to keep the peace.

21:10 - In Camptonville on HWY 49, a vehicle caught fire. Before the Sierra County Fire Department could arrive, the call had been canceled.

Friday, March 10

06:26 - Someone was arrested for domestic violence in Loyalton.

07:49 - There was a request for civil service in Sierraville off of Old Truckee Road.

09:45 - There was a request for a next of kin to be notified of the descendant’s passing.

14:11 - In Loyalton on First Street, there was a request for assistance in getting medications.

15:12 - Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was needed at Hill Street in Loyalton.

Saturday, March 11

08:14 - A man stole a checkbook and wrote four checks to himself for approximately $1,000 in Sierraville.

16:28 - There was a report of a road blockage in the alley behind Beckwith in Loyalton. Upon arrival of a deputy, it was discovered that there was no blockage.

16:45 - There was a report of theft in Goodyears Bar. A deputy took a report.

19:26 - On HWY 89, north of Truckee, there was a snow slide covering both lanes. CHP and CalTrans handled the incident.

20:30 - In Downieville on River Street, there was a report of a possible medical emergency from a third party. Upon arrival of medical, it was discovered that there was no medical emergency at the residence.

21:55 - South of Downieville, a small rockslide covered both lanes of the highway. CalTrans handled the incident.

Sunday, March 12

13:30 - A civil standby was needed in Loyalton on Longhorn Drive.

21:21 - The County Road Department asked a deputy to make contact with a person diverting water from a ditch off of Garbage Pit Road in Loyalton.

Total Reported: 47

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