The Mountain Messenger

Southwest Sierra — #46


Image-013-Front.jpgCasey’s Place, 1962. James Kimball on porch. Kimball collection courtesy of

The Cat ~ This week I am continuing with memories from 1977. I had my 11th birthday shortly after we moved to the Kanaka Club. Jack and Lou Howard were running the bar at Casey’s Place. Their daughter Cindy is exactly one year younger than I am, and they invited us to celebrate both birthdays at the bar. All the kids in town were invited (about a dozen). Cindy got a real dirt bike (motorcycle)! Jack had two daughters (no sons) and Cindy was his tomboy. It must have been the smallest dirt bike on the market because she was tiny, and it was just her size. My only present that I remember was a pink plastic toy sewing machine from Grandma Bell. I was excited because it could really sew.

After the birthday party, Mom helped me set up the sewing machine. She had a Raggedy Anne doll pattern that we set to work on. We had enough pink fabric for the skin but lacked anything with stripes for the lower l...