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"Visit Sierra County CA" App Goes Live!


The Sierra County Chamber of Commerce took an initiative this year to venture into a digital transformation of their annual printed Sierra County Visitor's Guide. The Chamber currently budgets and spends close to $16k/year on printed copies of their guide.

While they foresee providing printed guides for visitors, they hope to reduce the printing costs and also gain more on-line presence and provide better service to potential visitors to our county. The result is an app that just went live on Wednesday, May 18th. The app is entitled "Visit Sierra County CA" and can be located in the app store for both iOS and Android devices. The app provides a lot of the same information as the printed guide, but is interactive and makes use of location based services not only for the businesses within the county, but also lists of trails with links for more on-line details. The Chamber of Commerce's list of events is also available on-line and is able to keep more accurate and up to date than a printe...